Bergstrom, Edsjo and Bringmann at IAP

Next week, Lars Bergstrom, Joakim Edsjo and Torsten Bringmann will be visiting the theory group of the IAP for seminars and brainstorming sessions on some hot topics in ‘Astroparticle physics’ including: the PAMELA data, the modulation in the event rate detected by the DAMA direct detection experiment, the prospects for Fermi LAT, the status of IceCube, the statistical tools for the exploration of the supersymmetric parameter space and Dark Matter and stars. In case you are in the Paris area, this is the seminar agenda for next week (all at IAP, 98bis Bd Arago 75014 Paris):

Monday 27 at 3pm
Torsten Bringmann
Indirect dark matter searches, radiative corrections and the need for
clear spectral signatures

Wednesday 29 at 11am
Lars Bergstrom
Dark Matter searches: entering a new era

Thursday 30 at 11am
Joakim Edsjo