Dark Matter in the Galaxy and elsewhere

Mattia Fornasa, Enzo Branchini, Lidia Pieri and I have been studying the flux and the angular power spectrum of gamma-rays produced by Dark Matter (DM) annihilations in the Milky Way (MW) and in extra-galactic halos.

The annihilation signal receives contributions from: a) the smooth MW halo, b) resolved and unresolved substructures in the MW, c) external DM halos at all redshifts, including d) their substructures. Adopting a self-consistent description of local and extra-galactic substructures, we have shown in a recent paper that the annihilation flux from substructures in the MW dominates over all the other components for angles larger than O(1) degrees from the Galactic Center, unless an extreme prescription is adopted for the substructures concentration.

We have also computed the angular power spectrum of gamma-ray anisotropies and found that, for an optimistic choice of the particle physics parameters, an interesting signature of DM annihilations could soon be discovered by the Fermi LAT satellite at low multipoles, l10^4 solar masses.