Effect of light Dark Matter particles on the Sun

We have recently posted a new paper on the arXiv, on the effect of dark matter (DM) particles in the Sun, focusing in particular on the possible reduction of the solar neutrinos flux due to the energy carried away by DM particles from the innermost regions of the Sun, and to the consequent reduction of the temperature of the solar core.

We found that in the very low-mass range between 4 and 10 GeV, recently advocated to explain the findings of the DAMA and CoGent experiments, the effects on neutrino fluxes are detectable only for DM models with very small, or vanishing, self-annihilation cross section, such as the so-called asymmetric DM models. The figure on the left shows the combination of DM masses and Spin Dependent cross sections which can be excluded with current solar neutrino data.

Our paper can be downlaoded at

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