Aspen Winter Conference on Dark Matter, 6-12 Feb 2011

We are organizing a Winter Conference on Dark Matter from February 6 o 12, 2011, at the Aspen Center for Physics, in Aspen, Colorado. If you want to join us for stimulating discussion in this beautiful location, please register before October 31 on the workshop webpage
Here is the description for the conference:
It is an exciting time for dark matter. Direct and indirect searches have yielded very interesting
constraints on the nature of dark matter. In addition, tantalizing signals from both space- and ground-based experiments could be interpreted as a signal of dark matter annihilation/decay or interaction. While these results might provide crucial information about the nature of dark matter, the resolution of these claims requires better understanding of the astrophysical and instrumental backgrounds. Improved results from current and upcoming direct and indirect searches will continue to shed light on these puzzles.
The aim of this workshop is to bring together experimentalists and theorists to share knowledge on astrophysical backgrounds, the most recent experimental results, and the latest theoretical work at a time of great opportunity and change in the field of dark matter.